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New Tool Rentals in Burnaby

We at Able Equipment Rentals believe in using the right equipment with the latest technology to be made available for our clients. Hence, we acquire this equipment to make it available for rent at affordable prices or per-project basis. You can also get in touch with us or check back often to see if we have your equipment available or not. More importantly, if we don’t have it… we’ll tell you who does! Here’s a new rental item that we have acquired recently:

Hathorn Drain Camera with Pipe Locator and USB Recording System

Magnum DVR Controller

  • 12.1” daylight readable monitor

  • On-screen footage counter

  • 512hz sonde

  • Record to USB

  • Audio/video out jacks

  • One-touch recording and pause key

  • Click touch controls

  • Voice over recording

  • MPEG format

  • 16 pages of text writing and memory save

  • Adjustable lighting

  • 2hr battery with built-in charger, or plug directly into a power source

Standard Reel

  • 200 FT reel

  • 1.4” DIA self-levelling camera head

  • ½” premium spiral wound push rod

  • 512hz transmitter coil (for easy locating)

  • Metal control box mounting bracket

  • 3” p-traps and up

  • P-trap skid

  • Slip brake handle

  • Also available in 300 FT and 400 FT

  • Reel stand with wheels for easy movability


  • 512hz sonde (for easy locating)

  • Backlight digital display

  • Storage case

Get The Right Gear!

Confused about the range of tools available and their specifications? We have got you covered.

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